Does anyone have a smooth solution for tracking GST income and outflow?

This is for a small amount of business revenue, the bookkeeping not complex enough to make me use a full accounting package. Right now I am manually splitting the relevant transactions in the register and entering a calculated GST amount. 

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  • UKR
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    What edition level of Quicken (Canadian version) are you currently using?
    AFAIK, the Canadian Quicken Home & Business edition might do what you want when it comes to creating Customer Invoices, as long as you do not need to also track inventory items.
    If you currently use a Canadian version of Quicken, look in Quicken Help for an introduction to the business - related features
  • edmontoncanuck
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    thanks for responding. I use the quicken subscription deluxe version 5.11

    The business edition is overkill for what i need and leaves me without investment tracking.

    I created a workaround and settled on the reality of manually entering the GST (either income or expense) in each relevant transaction. Since it's usually and easy calculation of 5%. 

    I was looking for a feature that was available (if my memory serves me correctly) in one of the very old versions where you could create a tax account. 

    I'd like a check box for GST on a transaction and have the software conveniently calculate and enter for me... dream on.. lol
  • edmontoncanuck
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    Uh oh.. I'm wrong. the home and business edition does track investments. I'll take a closer look.
  • edmontoncanuck
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    I'm NOT wrong. There is no Home and business edition in Canada for Mac. 
    The Mac software is finally hugely improved, but still not up to speed.
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