I entered a transaction in a liability accout (Mastercard). The debit arrived correctly in the

expense account  but the credit did not appear in the Mastercard account. When I went to "Search" the amount in the Mastercard account it was there. Why did it not get in the account normally?


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    On further checking, I find the expenses are going in properly. The liability part of the entry is NOT going into the Mastercard account BUT it does show if I "SEARCH" it.
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    More details, please.
    What version, edition level and release of Quicken are you using? 
    Do you use Quicken Mac or Quicken for Windows? US or Canadian version?
    Click Help / About Quicken (Mac: Quicken / About Quicken) to determine year/version, edition level  and release and tell us what it says.
    What version of Windows or Mac OS are you using?

    Are you sure the manually recorded credit card payment transaction is correctly categorized as a transfer from the checking account to the credit card account?

    Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words …
    Can you please capture one or more images of the parts of your Quicken window showing the issue, sensitive information blacked out as necessary to protect your privacy but annotated to describe the situation, and attach the image(s) here?
    The Windows Snipping Tool (available with Windows 7 and up) can be used to capture a partial screen image and save it to a file.  Microsoft Paint can be used to annotate the image.
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    Also, that should be an Expense CATEGORY, not account, that is recorded in the MasterCard account.
    If "Clothing" (or whatever) is set up as an ACCOUNT, then all that you're doing is transferring the liability amount (the amount of the purchase) from one account to another.
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  • larraudlarraud Member
    I have attached "Costco Mastercard" sheet which only shows entry of $65.09 when "Search" Box, (Upper Right Corner) has Caryl in it. When Search is blank, nothing appears for this entry in Costco Mastercard account.
    Entry appears in "Audrey Visa" regardless of entry in Search Box in Costco Mastecard Account.

    If I recall correctly, I just did an update to the software a couple of days ago. I think the problems started with the update.

    I use Quicken Windows V R16.18 Build 27.1-16.18 Edition Canada

  • larraudlarraud Member
    For some reason, the problem seems to have solved itself. I ihank you all for your help. Larraud
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