Quicken 2004 won't access my secondary drive

Still using Quicken 2004.  I know, it's old.

Ksed it on my old Windows XP computer until XP became too old and slow to be usable.  Recently upgraded to Windows 10.   Quicken seems to run well on Win10 for the most part.  

However, because Windows 10 crashed, I was told the only way to save my data was to demote my C: drive to a secondary drive.  A solid state drive was installed as a new C: and a fresh Windows 10 installed on it.  The old hard drive became F:.  My data on it is still accessible.

I am able to back up Quicken files to the C: drive just fine.  I thought it would be a good idea to also back up to the F: drive, but Quicken won't access F:.  It gives me a error message saying, F: is not ready or write protected.  However, F: is easily accessible via Windows Explorer.

Any thought why I can't access my F: drive?

My equipment:
HP Compaq Elite 8200 SFF 
Intel Core i7-2600
C: Samsung SSD    250 Gig
F: conventional HD      2 TB


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