Took a chance at upgrading from 2016 to 2019 before using TurboTax...WRONG!

Installing from disk. Used auto install. Menu indicates it will uninstall old version then install new version. Disk spins a couple of minutes, install window disappears, disk stops spinning. New version not installed. Install program has stopped running. Quicken 2016 icon still in taskbar but not on desktop. Tried running install again from 2019 CD. Now message says I must MANUALLY uninstall 2016 before 2019 can install. However quicken 2016 is not available in the control panel list of installed programs! Although 2016 is not in the list of installed programs and can't be manually uninstalled, quicken 2016 still runs when I click on the quicken taskbar icon!
So, now I can't uninstall quicken 2016 and therefore can't install quicken 2019. This is very strange. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Thank you very much!
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