Salary split information disappearing in brand new file

My salary split information has disappeared.  This is from a transaction 6 weeks ago.  This was happening randomly during the second half of 2018.  I was never able to resolve the issue even with the quicken support so I started a brand new quicken file for 2019.  This file is clean which means I no longer have access to my data from years before 2018.  I figured that started over with a clean file would mean not having to deal with this error again.

However, it just happened to me once again.  I am using 2019 Quicken Deluxe for Windows Version R18.15 Build

I am stunned that this is happening again.  It is such a major error.  I spent hours and hours and hours trying to fix my old file with the support of Quicken support.  The frustration was so great I decided to start over completely with a new file.  And now it is happening again.  

Now what?  If this is going to keep happening I might as well go back to the old file so I at least have all of my data from past years.  Or maybe I need to dump quicken all together and find something that works without such a major bug.  




  • John_in_NCJohn_in_NC SuperUser ✭✭✭✭
    I normally don't answer with Windows questions. But when something happens like this on the Mac side, I ask if the user is using Mobile in any way, shape, or form? It has been known where the cloud data is overwriting the desktop transaction. In your case, that would be the non-split transaction from the cloud.

    Now, there may be some issue with the Win software, but since this is happening with a new data file (but possibly old data from the cloud), it is worth consideration.
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