NEW 03/15/19 Duplicate Transactions Download from Chase

I downloaded "All transactions" from Chase, as I normally do. It used to be just 90 days. Now for some reason it downloaded transactions going back 2 years. I have all of these transactions reconciled already. Any idea why Quicken doesn't recognize exactly the same transaction from the reconciled list? What can I do to clean up all pending transactions quickly?

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  • Thank you SuperUser Sherlock! I was able to sort, find the transactions and delete them. I deleted the entire downloaded batch. Now when I download the file from the bank for the same dates, no transactions show up in "downloaded". How can I download transactions again?
  • SherlockSherlock SuperUser
    If you didn't handle all of the downloaded transactions you wanted to keep, you could restore the data file backup you saved before you accepted the downloaded transaction into the register: select File > Backup and Restore > Restore from Backup File...

    Another approach is to import the downloaded transactions into new account register and move the transactions you want to keep into one register.

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