How do I disable Yelp for Payees?

I have a memorized list of Payees in my Quicken that I prefer to use and not select from the list that is powered by Yelp. 

An example is my list has one for Cracker Barrel and Yelp has Cracker Barrel Old Country Store.  My list is also associated with a preassigned Category of Eating Out where the Yelp has no assigned Category. 

I should have the ability to select from my list or the Yelp feature and not be forced to select from Yelp.  I have disabled  the Location and a temporary solution but that means I have to completely type the Payee name each time. 


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  • Using iPhone 7 and Quicken for Windows. I prefer to use my list of Payees and history.  I had to disable Location for Quicken Mobile.  Please help.
  • I turned App Location to "never", but the app still searches for a local payee. It uses up screen space. Please make this optional, so that it can be turned completely off in the app. 
  • ClintSchwab
    ClintSchwab Member
    The older version of the Mobile use to find the store you were at if Location Services was enabled. Now there a Near By Powered by Yelp that displays useless hits and I have to start typing the location name. Can this Yelp option be removed and have it show where I am at?
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