Reporting based on tags

Is there some way to get a report (graph or otherwise) by filtering based on Tags?  If there is I can't find it.
e.g.  For vacation spending I have been tagging my expenses by destination (e.g. San Diego 2018, Portugal 2019) . Vacation spending can span many categories.  And destinations can overlap in time, since the first expense (e.g. deposit on airfare) and last expense (final payments for rental cars) can be 10 months apart.  I'd like to get a category break down of expense for a particular destination.  Possible?

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  • You are correct sir. If I go to a spending report, under customize, I see a tab for Tags.
    I guess I was looking for it on the Main spending tab, which doesn't have a full customization button, just dropdowns for Accounts and Time.

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