More budgeting problems

When building a budget, the opportunity is there to select or deselect categories. I have a category called depreciation that I do not want to show in a P&L budget so I have it deselected. Nevertheless, the negative number is still adding in my budget as part of the actual column. In testing, both positive and negative numbers are included even though they are deselected.


  • More problems: When just beginning a new budget, the category rows are intended to be the sum of its subcategories. But they are not. They are negative numbers that have no correlation to anything. To correct it, you have to load a 0 across the row. If there are any numbers in the subcategory they now will be added correctly in the category row.
  • My 2 comments are obviously not questions they are information to help fix the mess of the budgeting portion of Quicken if they ever get around to fixing it. I cannot understand why they don't think it a priority. There used to be a place where you could queue up these kinds of problems to help the programmers make fixes. I am unable to find that anymore, hence my posting here.
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    @Ross Peebles The way to send this type of feedback directly to Quicken is within the Quicken program itself. Pull down the Help menu to select "Report a Problem" and type (or copy-and-paste) your problem report there.
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    It probably helps to also include a link to this thread with your submission.

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