My Electronic Bill Pay Module Has a Persistent Error that I Can't Fix

I entered a payment a week ago that looks like this in the Online Center:

and like this in the Register:

Whenever I try to exit Quicken, I get the following message:

but no amount of coaxing will fix this payment's status. I tried deleting it from the register and re-entering, but got back an error message that this is a duplicate payment order so my bank won't accept it. It doesn't show in the Register or in the Online Center any more. I tried Validating my data file (which is quite large) and got the following:

So now I can't think what else to do. How do I make sure this bill gets paid? I have an all-electric home, btw.


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    You have not stated that you sent the payment. The status is send not sent. How many days in advance have you set for this reminder?
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  • I have made multiple attempts to send this payment, and the issue has nothing to do with any reminder system that I know of.
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    Hi  @jmrathbun ,

    I had a similar problem. I make a Manual Backup of the Data file after major changes.

    This is what I did, whether you follow my advice or not Again, I have Manual Backups.:

    1. I followed this procedure: 
    2. Before I reinstalled Quicken, I went to my MyDocuments\Quicken folder and I deleted all within that folder. (If you have more than one Quicken Data File, then make sure that you load those Data Files, before beginning and do a Manual Backup of all Data Files.) Also delete the Automatic Backups as well, but not the Backup folder.
    3. Afterwards, I ran CCleaner Free twice for 0 issues in the Registry, after running the Cleaner portion.
    4. Then I reinstalled Quicken. After Quicken was opened, I restored a Manual Backup, that does not contain the Online Payment.
    5. Make sure to choose the proper folder to copy the Restore back into.
    6. Then I ran One Step Update for the problem Register.
    7. Your Bank will add any payments scheduled to be paid, back into the Data File.
    8. That's it.
    When you are finished, all uploaded payments will appear in the Register with a Online Check Number, as opposed to a preprinted Check Number.

    It worked for me.

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  • I decided to e-mail my bank and they quickly determined that the payment to Duke Energy was scheduled appropriately at their end. I hope Quicken can straighten itself out when it gets news that the payment has been sent a/o the check cashed. Thanks for helpful suggestions!
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