Pre-Tax Deductions Problem

I'm trying to enter my most recent paycheck into Quicken 2017 Deluxe and I'm running into a problem with my pre-tax deductions in that it won't allow me to enter a negative value.  On my pay stub it actually shows a negative dollar amount for a wellness incentive.  I walked enough steps and some other corporate BS (through a tracking app called Limeade) that let me earn enough points that I get some money knocked off of what I have to pay for health insurance.  Problem is when I try to enter a negative amount in the pre-tax deductions section for my paycheck it won't let me do it.  It keeps displaying a message that says "You don't need to enter a negative amount for deduction.  Quicken will handle it for you."  Excuse me, but, yes I do need to enter a negative amount for a deduction.  Quicken isn't handling it for me.  I would deduct the wellness incentive from my medical insurance but since my medical insurance deduction is less than the amount of the wellness incentive that isn't an option.  Adding the amount of my wellness incentive to my gross salary doesn't work either.  Is this possibly something that was fixed in the 2019 version of Quicken?  I would say that this is most definitely a bug since the program apparently doesn't make allowances for how the real world works sometimes.


  • I tried fiddling with this some more and I got it to work.  I had to add the wellness incentive to my earnings and then adjust the taxes (I didn't notice the amounts for those had changed) and that got it to work.  Sheesh!  What a pain!
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    Thanks for closing the loop on this for the next user with the issue.
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