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Unable to connect with Alight Solutions

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  • Hi All - This past weekend Alight Solutions along with one of the companies they service for retirement funds (New York Life Insurance), appears to have tightened up their security protocols.

    Now I am not able to connect to Alight Solutions based on their own directions on how to connect to them.    Any thoughts on how to proceed and shouldn't Quicken reach out to Alight Solutions for solution?
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    @ssdangelo Have you reported this to Quicken Support, so that they can research what, if anything, needs to be done?  https://www.quicken.com/support#windows

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    Quicken Support is really the only way to get this addressed. They can connect to view your computer and verify that what you're reporting is accurate, and then escalate it to the team at Intuit which handles connectivity to financial institutions. 
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