Change of money notation in Quicken for Mac OS Canada ?

Is it possible to convert actual money notation in Quicken for MAC= using a coma for decimals, instead of period  and using spaces instead of comas to separate 3 numerals.
Ex : 26,000.15 would be written 26 000,15 in French notation.


  • smayer97
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    Yes, those are controlled by macOS preferences. Quicken simply applies those settings. So go into your Region settings to adjust as desired. Quit and reopen Quicken and you should see the changes applied.

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  • Mamisue
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    Thanks, but it doesn't seem to work. My Region advanced settings in MacOS Mojave preferences were already adjusted as desired, but my new Quicken doesn't take it into account after many trials of readjustments and reopening Quicken or restarting my computer. 

    Until recently I was using Quicken Essentials for Mac in which my datas were in the desired format (with spaces for numerals and a coma for decimals). I installed Mac OS Mojave last week and this old version was not usable anymore. The conversion of my Quicken essentials datas into the new Quicken for MAC (Canada) 2019 changed them and I don't see how I can go back to the desired number format.
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