settlement cost value exorbitant fix?

One account has settlement value as should be @ $1.0; but another has accumulated $-314360. Can't zero it out.


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    You’re going to need to do MUCH more typing than that for anyone to understand what your issue is.
    Include in your expanded reply: What Q product are you running?  What country?  What Build/Release of Q?  What types of accounts are these? And what do you mean by "settlement value" ... that's not a Quicken term?
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  • Quicken Premier US Release R 18.15
    These are brokerage accounts which I download each month. This settlement  account receives deposits, sales proceeds, & purchase withdrawals in double entry form for every transaction @$1.00 per share. When it's working right as in another brokerage firm, this settlement value has no different cost amount just $1.00/share.
    However right now in our Vanguard Quicken, that settlement value is ($170,000). When I make additional entries to replace missing ones, such as credit side or purchase  of this account, it says I have none to sell. How do I remedy this?
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    Trying to translate into Quicken terminology, the settlement fund for your Vanguard brokerage account (typically Vanguard Federal Money Market) is showing a negative balance of $170,000 in Quicken. Do I have this right so far?

    • Are there Placeholders in the account? Go to Edit > Preferences > Investing Transactions and make sure "Show hidden transactions" is checked to make any placeholders visible.
    • Is there a cash balance is showing for the account at the bottom right of the transaction list (register)?
    -- Jim QWin Premier subscription
  • Placeholder snip of Vang settlement holdings 28K+ & cost (337K). I just deleted the $10K+ cash balance & above values did not change.
    Placeholder only on this one
    I did do a +/- reconciliation all transactions, big difference. Need to make correcting entries!
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    Sorry, I am having trouble following what you are saying. Have you deleted the placeholder, or is it still there?

    If you click on Holdings in your account in Quicken,
    • Do the shares of each holding match your actual holdings?
    • How many shares of Federal Money Market does it say you have? 
    • What is the price per share?
    • What is the Cash balance if any?
    • How does this compare to Vanguard's website?
    -- Jim QWin Premier subscription
  • Placeholder is still there. All in Quicken match our holdings with exception our 150sh VZ, $8,964 is not showing,  Even Fed MM shares 23,380 matches website but also has a cost listed as (337,741} same as placeholder numbers. Price $1.00 share. I deleted cash balance. When I try to purchase the 337K to match the negatives, it says 0 shares available..
  • Jim_HarmanJim_Harman SuperUser
    To make sure there is no corruption in your data file, please go to File > File Operations > Validate and Repair and validate your file. Does that find problems?

    If not, I think you are saying that Quicken says you have 23,380 shares of Fed MM with a current price of $1.00 but the cost basis for the Fed MM is -$337,741 If so, you need to look at earlier transactions for the Fed MM to see where the negative cost basis is coming from.

    What do you mean by "deleted cash balance"?

    Is the Placeholder for the Fed MM or for your VZ, or for some other security?
    -- Jim QWin Premier subscription
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