Quicken ads dominate screen after subscription lapses--WARNING to all!

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After I did not renew my subscription, I can use all but a few Quicken features, but 25% of the screen is DOMINATED by a Quicken advertisement to renew (and it cannot be shrunk, closed, or otherwise minimized). And there's a second yellow banner (10% of top screen) telling me to renew.

Plus, I receive weekly emails from Quicken telling me to renew. After being a Quicken customer for over a decade, this really sucks.

I will find the time to locate another financial app that doesn't demand a yearly payment by boldly making use of the app difficult because 25% of my screen space is filled with their advertisement.

I have, after all, paid for Quicken so I think they should at least allow me to use it with limited features without them making it nearly impossible because they have taken over my screen. Plus too many annoying reminder emails to renew. THIS IS AWFUL!!!

If you subscribe, be aware of what will happen if you discontinue. [Oh, also make regular backups because after subscription lapses, all your data first appears gone and you need to locate/install a backup copy].


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    Good to know.  They is a blatant violation of trust between Quicken and it's users.  I had not heard the bit about needed to install a backup file in order for it to work.

    Hey Quicken you need to fix this ASAP.....
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    Go buy and install Quicken 2017.  The data file is backwards compatible with Q2018/2019.  Its still good for downloads/online access until 4/2020.  Most importantly when the downloads expire you won't lose 25% of your screen to the ad.
    Quicken Windows 2017 R19.1.  Quicken user since 1999
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    Purchasing Quicken 2017 seems a good suggestion, thank you. First, I need to get over my current frustration so that I will be willing to give more money for this product. Thanks cranky_user for the response.
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