Lose all entered data in "Stay on Top of Your Bills" screen

I just purchased Quicken for Mac today and already ran into a bug that caused me to lose all of the bills I manually entered in the "Stay on Top of Your Bills" screen.

When I added my bank accounts, it didn't detect any of the bills that I pay so I began manually entering them. As I was entering them, I realized I forgot to add my credit card account to Quicken but I figured I'd just enter the bills I know I have from that account manually and update the "Account" dropdown afterwards.

When pressing save without a valid account chosen, you get a dialog that says "A bill you entered will be skipped. If a bill is missing an account name or amount, it will not be added."

No problem, I'll just add it later then. HOWEVER, by pressing the option "Skip Bill", it deletes all the data you just put into it. Based on the wording from the dialog, this should not happen. Just wasted a bunch of my time and I've only been using the program for less than an hour.

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    Hello bytesback. Appreciate your question.

    When you look in the Bills & Income section of Quicken, does it show your bills and the next date due? Can you share a screen shot of the issue?

    Please let us know so that we can best help you.

    ~ Quicken Harold.
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