How do I convert Quicken Mac files prior to quicken 2007 to open with quicken 2007 or later?

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How do I convert quicken files prior to quicken 2007 to open with quicken 2007 or later?


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    You just open the file with 2007, and it will automatically covert it to the 2007 format.

    What you didn't mention is how old of version created the older files. Quicken 2007 (versions 16.1.x and 16.2.x) will only convert 2005 and later files. Quicken 2007 version 16.0.x (if you can find it) will convert files older that 2005. But, there is no guarantee of success-especially the older the data you have. Three versions back is typically all that is *supported* (or tested)
  • Thanks so much for your reply! 

    I’m running Quicken 7 version 16.2.2 and can’t open files I created with earlier revisions of 7 nor files I created with Quicken 2004 and earlier (e.g. Quicken 4 and 5.) So, my question is, is there a way to do that? I don’t have those earlier apps any longer, or they won’t install under Sierra. 
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    16.2 should open all flavors of 2007 files. And for 2004 and older files, you should get a warning specifically stating that the program can only open 2005 and newer files. Do you get such a warning?

    It question if the older files you have are corrupted. Those older formats (2007 and older) were highly tied to the Mac HFS+ disk format. If they were moved and copied on other disk formats in an not so specific fashion, crucial parts of the data file could be lost forever.
  • Yes, I got an alert that 2007 could not open files saved from versions older than Quicken 2005. I assume then I'll need to find an older machine running an older version of the Mac OS in order to open those older files. Or, I wonder if quicken offers a service to open and convert older formatted files?
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    Quicken does not provide a file conversion service. Quicken 2007 has been discontinued software for several years, and Quicken provides no support for it.

    Yes, unfortunately, you will need to find two things: a Mac running macOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or older, and Quicken 2005, Quicken 2006, or the original Quicken 2007 (version 16.0.x). You can sometimes find one of these older version of Quicken for sale on eBay or other sites, but they're pretty old and increasingly rare. 
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  • Right. And to think I've tossed away several machines over the years running older OS's and version of quicken, and now I have to go buy one back!
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    Well, I started on Mac Plus running version 1.5, so I think I have had a few older models as well.  :/

    2005 was floating around on the internet at one time when Intuit provided it free for support purposes. I think I ran across it still being around in the past month or so.

    Whatever you do, make sure you move these files across on HFS+ formatted disks (flash drives), and copy them to the machine you wish to make the conversion on first.

    If you can't avoid this, you can move them on other formats, but again, copy the file back to the other machine first. (The file is getting broken up behind the scenes, unbeknownst to you you.) Copying it back to the Mac puts the file back together. The most ideal way is to compress (zip) the file before moving-this will prevent the file from being mangled.

    Good luck.
  • Thanks for your help! 
    I made a portable copy of every hard drive I ever had as I upgraded from one machine to the next. As to what formatting changes may have occurred, that I don't know. I have files dating back to the 90s.
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