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Help printing register in Quicken 2019 Mac

I loved my Quicken 2007! Trying to get used to the newer one before Mac OS won't allow it anymore.

I have chosen the columns I want in the register. But I don't see any way to set the print up the same way. I keep getting a "scheduled" and "s" columns. It's obvious that the transaction is a split - why  the silly "s" everywhere?

Is there no way to set up page preferences?

Thanks for your help!


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Which report are you using?

    Quicken Mac is partway through a transition between an older set of reports which carried over from its predecessor (Quicken Essentials, not Quicken 2007), and newer reports that utilize an all-new reports engine and more customizable user interface. Unfortunately, there's nothing in the program that explains this, so it's easy for users to be confused. So here's the key: instead of using reports that you see in the Reports menu under "New Report" -- those are the old reports -- use "New Report" instead. It looks like it's just one report, but that menu item actually lets you build a number of different reports based on the choices that come up on the following screens. I recommend trying to create your reports from New Report, unless you find what you're trying to do doesn't (yet) exist in New Report. (Tax Schedule and Net Worth Over Time are two reports you can't generate via New Report.) So for a report by category showing all your transactions, click New Report > Transaction > Category, click Generate Report, and then go to Customize to set the date range or accounts or other criteria you'd like to filter. The new reports allow you to add or remove columns, reorder columns, control column width, and scale the output to fit on a page if you're printing the reports -- that key checkbox shows up in the Print dialog box, so it's easy to miss -- and these are all things you can't do, or do well, using the older reports.
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  • Thanks for your help. I tried the options - and will probably stick with printing the register with the "s" column. Seems the best option for me - since the split info is there. (Been using computers for decades - but still prefer to have some paper backups, just in case.) Wish there were options for simple printouts like 2007:
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @MickiP I'm trying to understand where you're perceiving there's a lot of difference in what you can print as a report between Quicken 2007 and Quicken 2019.

    Printing from the register is remarkably similar. Here's a split transaction printed in a register listing in Quicken 2007:

    Here's the same transaction printing the register in Quicken 2019:

    The columns are in a different order, but it's all the same information.

    Similarly, in your first screen shot above, you show a category summary report a period of time. You can create the identical report in Quicken 2019. Here's a snippet of a Quicken 2007 report for 6 months of 2018:

    and the same report in Quicken 2019:

    So when you wrote that you "wish there were options for simple printouts like 2007", have I granted your wish? ;)  (If you don't know how to generate any of these reports the way you'd like, just ask.)
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