Add options to cloud sync to prevent difficult to trace data loss

This is a Windows and Cloud issue.
Since at least 2016, I've avoided using the Quicken Cloud because it always messed up my accounts. Random old transactions get deleted (even those marked as "reconciled"), throwing off balances. It's because Quicken will decide for you that transactions are duplicates and remove them without telling you.

Since there is no way to see what Quicken has done, correcting this generally involves pouring over months of statements, searching for the missing amount. Not terribly difficult if it's a single transaction, but very difficult if it is several.  Transactions don't have to be on the same day or to the same payee. It just seems to need to match a transaction amount in the general vicinity.

This can be fixed by allowing us to approve/deny cloud sync line items, or by creating a reconcilation report that shows us what was changed. This is a basic feature in most anything that has perceived data conflicts, but has been a problem with Quicken for years.

Today I discovered that even downloading one account from scratch will never allow it to be correct, because it will decide from the bank that it's duplicate and not download it. If I recreate the entry manually, it gets deleted with the next cloud sync.

I also have issues with sometimes Quicken missing downloads of recurring transactions. If I then create it manually, it will forever more want to match new transactions to that old one. If you accept the match without investigating first, your balance will now be off.  Please introduce a way to flag a transaction as "matched" or "ignore for matching" so I can stop manually doing this all the time.

As it stands today, I will no longer even attempt to use the Quicken Cloud for anything, because it's guaranteed to mess up my accounts one way or another, and I don't want to fill up my register with random balance corrections when I should just have the original real transactions I can go back and review.
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