closed accounts still showing up in category list

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Closed accounts with all three options checked (hide in account bar, hide in transaction list) still showing up when categorizing items. 

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    Are these accounts marked "closed" in Quicken? Or are they just hidden?
    In some versions of Quicken (don't ask me which ones), the "hide from transaction entry lists" doesn't seem to work properly and I don't know if it will ever get fixed.
    Until then, I recommend you rename all closed accounts and add a "~"(tilde) character to the front of the account name, e.g. "ABC Checking" to "~ABC Checking".
    This will sort these accounts in alphabetically sorted lists to the bottom of the list and make it less likely that you select it by accident.
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    yes they show as 'closed' in the account list. And all checks to hide, not show, etc.. 
    Since they are closed I can't understand why the developers would consider it wise to keep them showing and clutter the category list. Closed accounts should act almost like deleted accounts in this respect.
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    I can't speak for the Canadian version, but this issue was "half-fixed" in the US version a few years ago (I think it was in QW2016, but it might have been a year or two earlier).

    In the current US version, if you start a new Quicken data file, then closed and hidden accounts don't show up in the list when categorising a transaction.  If the data file is an older one that has been updated from a version of Quicken before they added the fix , then it doesn't work and the closed accounts still show up in the list.

    As an experiment, you might want to try creating a new file and testing if the hidden accounts still show up in the category lists.
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