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I will sell an ETF or Reit and sometimes , quite understandably, receive a final distribution from the old holding after that. This can include income that affects the holding's final adjusted cost base (ACB). My Quicken for Windows Canada capital gains report doesn't pick  up this distribution transaction in its calculations, I presume, because it's dated post the holding sell date. I always end up, around income tax  reporting time, checking for all such sales. To get the proper ACB, I move the sell transaction to a date slightly past the last distribution after having previously adjusted the distribution to reflect my discount broker's march tax distribution info details report. 

Any comments?

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  • camercli
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    Thanks for the interesting response! I actually went to the Merriam Webster dictionary site myself before posting  and saw its definition was 'to obtain by indirect or involved means' - but guess, seeing your comment, posting that info here is worth the effort.

    I do add a memo with the original sell date on my moved sell transactions - so I think I'm covered there.

    Most 'old hand' Quicken users are aware, as you say, that by-hand adjustments are par for the course. Possibly, some newer people will be forewarned by the original post - if they do use Quicken to calculate ACBs.
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