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Will one subscription cover both Windows and Mac?

I would prefer the option of using either a mac or a PC, especially where the mac version isn't 100% caught up to the windows version. Does one subscription cover both types of installation? thanks!

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  • interesting - I had intended to use a single data file (housed on a network drive), though I do also remember reading that they discourage that. Here's a followup question, how easy/hard is it to sync or to migrate from one computer to another?  Like if I get a new computer and want to migrate, only from PC to mac or vice versa?
  • splashersplasher SuperUser ✭✭✭✭
    The conversion from Win-to-Mac is pretty good, the Mac-to-Win conversion, to put it mildly, sucks.  It has been broken since about 2012.
    If you want to share a data file across several computers of the same OS, it is just a matter of copying the data, making sure that which ever computer you use, you have the latest copy of the file on that computer since there is no way for Quicken to keep files on different Windows computers in sync (syncing to Quicken Cloud Account will not do it).  So, you could keep a copy of the file on a shared/NAS drive and copy it to the computer you want to use and return it to the common space when done.  Working directly off the common space is a sure way to get a corrupted data file.
    The Mac version has a sync of sorts, but I don't use Mac, so I can not speak to it.
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  • Merlin 3310Merlin 3310 Member ✭✭

    I still use Quicken Windows 2016 for Canada (QWIN-Can-2016) and I will soon upgrade to the subscription model. I welcome the ability to run the windows version as my "Production" environment and create a parallel test environment on my MacBook where I can compare and decide if the Mac environment suits my needs. I do have a desire to switch to a Mac only environment but I so far refrained from doing it as I did not want to loose some Quicken functionality important to me. 

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