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I'm using Quicken Home & Business 2019. The Mileage Tracker has 3 fields on its screen with pull-down menus--Purpose, Start Location, Destination. As new entries are made to these fields they are saved in the menu list. Some of these menu list entries are incorrect, or no longer useful. Rather than having a long menu that keeps getting longer, I would like to either edit the list, or be able to delete entries in the list.
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    From C. D. Bales:

    "I would like to either edit the list, or be able to delete entries in the list."

    If you were to delete entries in those dropdown lists, the trips they applied to would no longer be correct ... part of your trip history would be lost.

    If losing that part of your Mileage history does not trouble you; you can edit the list and delete entries ... in a manner of speaking.

    To start: Plan to have one new value for each of the dropdowns you want to prune; a value that identifies choices no longer needed. As an example; start with the Purpose dropdown.

    Suppose you currently have multiple purposes in the dropdown and there are some of those purposes that you no longer care about.

    Create one new Purpose; call it Z-Purpose, for example (or any name you choose; I preceded the name with a Z- so it would appear at the bottom of the dropdown list). To create that new Purpose, Edit one of the trips whose purpose you no longer need.

    Now Edit all the trips that use Purposes you no longer care about: change their Purpose to "Z-Purpose". When a purpose is no longer used in any trip, it will disappear from the dropdown list (it will be effectively deleted from the list). [To possibly make it easier to find the trips you want to change, sort the trip list by the field you want to change. If you're going to change Purpose, click on the trip list heading "Purpose" to sort all the Purpose values together.]

    After you have changed the purpose of all the trips that use the purposes you no longer care about, to use Z-Purpose ... none of those old purposeswill appear in the dropdown ... they will all have been replaced by the one "Z-Purpose".

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