Why does Quicken keep changing the amount of the monthly loan payment.

For the past year the loan payments I have entered keep changing in Quicken.  Each month I have to re-set them to the correct monthly amount.


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    In the case of a mortgage, the amount of principal and interest do change every month. Using the correct Scheduled Reminder generated by the Loan Setup process should take care of that automatically.
    Car loans are different and your actual principal and interest every month may be off by a few cents, depending on when the bank received your payment.
    Please provide more details on your situation.
  • Thank you for your response.  I set up the loan in Quicken and entered the monthly loan amount, fixed interest rate and term.  I have done that in the past and it always stayed the same unless I changed it.  But now it changes itself almost every month.  The monthly payment should be consistent for the entire term.  Very frustrating, because if I don't notice it, then the balance is off.
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    Hello @Linda777776

    Thank you for providing that additional information. 

    What type of loan is this?  Mortgage, Car, etc.?

    Is the loan account connected to your Financial Institution to download transactions or do you manually enter the transactions?

    Do you use the companion Mobile/Web Apps and sync your data to the Quicken Cloud?

    Does the amounts change when entering the loan reminder transaction or after the transaction has been added to the register?

    Please let us know, thank you.

  • Responding to your questions:
    --This is a mortgage--actually, 3 mortgages on 3 different properties, all with the same problem.
    --I manually enter them when the "Reminders" pop up each month.
    --No, not sync'd to the Quicken cloud. All entries done on laptop, not on mobile app.
    --The details don't change once entered in the register, but the payment amounts for upcoming payments keep changing, no matter how often I re-set them to the correct monthly payment.  I have to re-set the payment amounts each month before I enter them.  Very annoying.

    Your assistance would be most appreciated.

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    Are the reminders properly defined?
    Quicken requires that the split details are listed in the following order:
    Anything else will mess up the processes used for calculation loan details.
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    Elaborating upon UKR's response.  If you need the 4th line (Escrow, etc) you MUST also have the 3rd as shown.
    If you need neither the 3rd or 4th lines, you can omit both.
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  • I am not entering it there.  I set the loans up, connected to each of the properties. The set up includes the initial loan amount, the monthly payment and the interest rate and term. Each month the reminders show up.  I have done this in the past with other loans and they always worked fine.  This time the loan payment amounts are tweaked every month in Quicken.  Even when I edit them, they still edit themselves to different monthly amounts.  Very frustrating.
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