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  • I just found this thread after posting my own. Absolutely outrageous paid software would run ads and refuse to stop. I'm thoroughly angry.
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    smayer97 said:
    Just do not forget to go to page 1 and click the little grey triangle under the count in the blue banner to add you vote (it may take a moment but the triangle will turn black and the count increase by one when your vote is registered).

    smayer97, maybe I'm missing it, maybe it's absent in my browser (Safari), but I'm not seeing a "little grey triangle" or any other way to vote on the 1st page. Can your direct me further? In the old forum this was so easy!

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    Pop up ads for insurance when I am already paying a hefty fee? (Removed-Rant)
  • Last week, I started receiving pop-up ads when I log on to QforM Deluxe (latest version). How can I make them stop?
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    @RCinNJ The "little triangle" is right there in your screen shot -- in the blue box, under the vote counter which in that shot shows a value of 68.

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    You can't make them stop. For most users, the ad doesn't come up often, but some users report seeing it frequently. In any case, you can view the long thread about this here. Feel free to add your own comment, but at least vote by clicking the little gray triangle under the vote total in the blue box. 

    Editing to add: Well, I see Quicken has now closed that thread because they didn't like the tone of the comments from users, so you can read but not add comments; however, you can still vote if you think they should get rid of the ads.
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  • I'd like to add my disappointment about this issue as well. I'm not seeing where that option is to express my disappointment. In the screen shot with the blue triangle, is an up tick a vote for the feature or against the feature?
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  • I too am beyond angry that, after over a decade of using (or I should say "living by") QforM, that I am now subjected to pop-up garbage. Shame on you, Quicken!!!
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    (Removed- Violation of Community Guidelines) Remove these ads!
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    jacobs said:
    @RCinNJ The "little triangle" is right there in your screen shot -- in the blue box, under the vote counter which in that shot shows a value of 68.

    Thanks jacobs! I tried clicking everywhere, including there, but it didn't seem to work before. Worked this time. Not at all intuitive. Thanks to you there's now a visual aid for other dummies like me. <g> Now everyone that has posted here needs to add their vote! With my vote added it's only up to 73 and I'm sure there are a lot more people who have posted.
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    I was astounded, alarmed and outraged to see an Allstate ad pop up when I was updating my critical confidential financial information. I've been a Quicken customer for more than two decades but this is unacceptable! (removed- rant)
    amazonmillie, your comment about how upsetting it was to see this while "updating my critical confidential financial information" is right on the mark. Any indication that Quicken is doing ANYTHING that might put my confidential financial information at risk is enough to scare me away from Quicken. Trust is their number one selling point and they don't seem to understand how this decision on their part undermines this trust!
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    This is not a rant. This is a calm, collected and well-researched effort to outline why this is not a good idea. I've taken the time to provide specific, actionable information. You can respect the community by then taking the time to read this [removed - argumentative]

    ///Since you do not allow rich-formatting, I have to use CAPS for emphasis. Nobody's yelling here [removed - argumentative]///

    Quicken: I am already a PAYING customer of yours. Today, I received an Allstate insurance advert - something so uncharacteristic, that I had to search on the internet to figure out why I was getting this pop-up.

    [ removed - inaccurate]

    Curiously, Quicken has experimented with proper forms of mutually beneficial advertising - like your Dropbox offers. THAT makes sense! I need online backup, so Quicken/Dropbox cozy-up and make an exclusive deal in the backroom. You buy us off with a small stipend of extra storage space, then Dropbox gets a new subscriber. [removed -speculation]. Everybody wins.

    Example 2: you recently launched a World MasterCard with rewards. [removed - speculation]. I personally don't like it (see: Facebook) - but it's STILL a mutually beneficial offer.

    Surely, someone at Quicken is responsible for performing market research. If not, perhaps this simple observation works: the death of the cable TV industry. Turns out, people REALLY don't like when they're charged money to ACCESS a service, only to be inundated with advertisements while USING the very same service they pay for.

    [removed - speculation] I have plenty of other subs to worry about. Not Quicken's.

    Vote with your wallet. I've turned off auto-renew and will cheerfully watch from the sidelines as my subscription expires.

    [removed attachment - disruptive]
  • Hello All,

    We appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback on the in-product offers.

    This thread is being closed as it's becoming argumentative and we've taken your feedback to our development and marketing teams.  While it's possible this could change in the future, the offers will continue to appear when Quicken is launched for now.  

    Thank you,
    -Quicken Tyka
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    In the past 2 days, I had the popup Allstate ads. As a PAID subscriber, this is unacceptable. I'd understand if this was a free version, but it is not. It is spam, clear and simple. Listen to your customers.
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    Like others on a now closed discussion, I'm outraged about receiving Allstate ads when opening my Quicken Application on Windows, and there's no way to opt out of such "offerings". This is likely the last time I ever renew with Quicken as a result. If you're going to force people to pay annual subscriptions, stop feeding us advertising without an option to opt out.
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    Hello Everyone,

    I would like to take a moment and thank you again for sharing your comments and feedback and we apologize for any frustration or inconvenience experienced.

    Quicken has and does continue to partner with other companies to create and offer exclusive benefits and services only available to Quicken Members.

    To ensure you are aware of all the benefits your Quicken Membership provides, we let you know when a new benefit is available through an in-product message, in accordance with our Terms of Service Membership Agreement.

    We do understand that not all Users may need or want to take advantage of additional tools and resources to manage their finances and so these messages are typically dismissed in Quicken for Mac by clicking the red "x" in the top left corner and selecting to "close offer".

    In Quicken for Windows, uncheck the "remind me later" checkbox in the lower left corner and click the "x" to close the window.

    Once an offer has been dismissed or closed, it should no longer appear in Quicken, however, we became aware of an issue causing the AllState Identity Theft Protection offer to appear multiple times for some Quicken Users even after being closed.

    Due to this, our Marketing teams temporarily stopped the message to fix the issue and some Users may have seen the message again once the offer was restarted, we apologize.

    At this time, this Idea is marked as "Not Planned", however the posted comments and feedback have been forwarded directly to our Marketing teams so they may be aware of the impact this experience has on our Members and take it into consideration in the future.

    This Idea will remain closed for comments and if you would like to add your voice to this discussion, please "Vote" for this Idea.

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