Mobile Setup - Error CC-503 on Chase, Bank of America, Citibank

I am trying to set up Mobile & Web, but get an error CC-503 when trying to add accounts with Chase, Bank of America, Citibank. I successfully added an account with US Bank and a Cash account.

My account information is fine - One Step update works with same account information and password.

Running Quicken Premier 2019
Version R18.15

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  • Quicken KathrynQuicken Kathryn Administrator ✭✭✭✭
    Hi dryheatwriter,
    Sorry you're having an issue with your Mobile & Web accounts--can you give us some more information, so we can determine what's happening?

    Are you getting an error when you attempt to sync to Mobile & Web?  Where do you see this error?  What are the exact steps you're taking before you see this error?

    Hopefully, this will help us narrow down the issue--
    Quicken Kathryn
    Quicken Kathryn
    Community Administrator
  • I am getting the error when trying to set up the account for Mobile. I know the password is correct because the regular account sync works fine. I was able to get Bank of America to work, but Chase and Citi still will not.

    As a side note - I tried to reply to the email I received on this issue and got an error that your server is misconfigured....
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