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Can Quicken not tie downloaded transactions a financial institution?

I have an account with a type of Brokerage not on the Quicken list (YieldStreet).  The brokerage provides downloadable CSV files of all transactions, and I can convert these to a format that Quicken can read.  But no matter how many variations I have tried I cannot get Quicken to import the reformatted CSV file.  I think the problem is tied to the requirement that every account be tied to an institution on the Quicken list  -- even if I set it up as 'manual' and not tied to an institution.  In that case, the transactions have no effect in any register when I attempt to import.  Why does Quciken put up barriers like this to getting use out of their software?  I would prefer NO institutions, let me download and convert whatever files I want, let me decide which register they go in.

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  • jacobs
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    @kessler20wood It's worth noting that Quicken does a bunch of things behind the scenes that users typically don't focus on. Perhaps the most important is insuring that transactions aren't downloaded more than once. If Quicken let you upload anything you want, you might upload CSV data that partially duplicates what you previously uploaded. you might say, "well that's my problem, not Quicken's" but the reality is that some users would complain the program should have prevented the duplicates or expect Quicken Support to help them out. So to prevent a bad user experience like this from happening, they insure that every financial institution that registers with them has a unique ID, and that they can generate a unique transaction ID to prevent duplicates. You might wish they allowed a Wild Wild West where users can do whatever they want with their data, but as John says, this is the way they have chosen to make things work.
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