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Can a security be held as taxable and non-taxable

I have the same security held in 2 different accounts. One account is taxable and the other account is non-taxable. If I mark the security as taxable in the taxable account it also shows as taxable in the other non-taxable account. How can I make it taxable/non-taxable based on the account in which it's held
Quicken Canada H&B 2019 ver: R16.18 Build on Win 10 build 1809

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  • Art H
    Art H Member
    Thanks for the explanation. I have checked the account settings and looked at some of the tax reports. It appears to be working. I'll be double checking Quicken against the tax receipts i've received to make sure it all ties together.
    Quicken Canada H&B 2019 ver: R16.18 Build on Win 10 build 1809
  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    Echoing J_Mike's response ... I own Wells Fargo & Co stock in both my taxable brokerage account and in a retirement brokerage account ... and the account attributes determine how sales/dividends/etc are handled.
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