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Would it possible to add a time frame selection for the budget tool? Maybe a calendar tool that would allow for a "start date" and "end date". ex. March 29 to April 30? This would allow the budget tool to be set up in a manner that matches potential pay periods. It may provide a more accurate budget tool. 
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    The budget functionality in Quicken is extremely poor and way behind what is out there in the market.  [removed - off-topic]  There are very few people who manage their personal budget by monthly cycles.  Most people budget based on their pay cycle.  For the majority of people, that is a bi-weekly paycheck.  So why doesn't quicken allow bi-weekly budget cycles?  Better yet, allow the creation of custom budget cycles.  This would accommodate everyone, such as when one person in a family is paid bi-weekly, and the other person is paid semi-monthly.  Or when both are on a bi-weekly pay schedule, but they are on opposite weeks.  Seems like this should be fairly simple to implement.

    Another basic piece of functionality I would like to see in the budget section is the ability to do a "collapse all" on the groups and categories.  Quicken has this functionality in other screens

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