When will Global Search return??

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I asked this question back in February and their have been 6 minor revision since, but Global Search still isn't available in Version R16.22 (Year 2019).  Anyone know when this will be fixed??




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  • mshiggins
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    Does Q Canada have the All Transactions register? If so, that might be a useful way to search across registers while awaiting the global search fix.

    You can find the All Transactions register link at the top of the Account Bar. 

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  • LostCanuck
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    wow...that works; have never used this before.  It will be an excellent patch until Quicken gets the Global Search feature fixed.

    Thanks @mshiggins


  • Mikhail -
    Mikhail - Member
    Vers R16.22 Canada Build there is no global search bar. please help me search for a transaction in all my accounts
  • Valderi
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    edited June 2019
    You first clic on a transaction for exemple the amount, than you press CTRL+F and you change the amount for the exact amount you're looking for. Quicken will search this amount in every register and will give you the result. You can serch by date, names, amounts...
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