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Quicken Functionality help (same tenant multiple properties, special tax, old unpaid rents)

Dear all,

I am still running my old Win XP with the very old Quecken version.

I need to upgrade so I need your help with your current version to help me with the next 3 main questions.

1. I have a company which rents 4 units (shops) from me. The agreements on rent is on the 4 units all together but legally they are 4 different units and some bills are independent to each unit. How will I add one tenant for all 4 properties since the legal tenant is the same for all 4 with one name.

2. If I start now how do I add old obligations on rent from a tenant. i.e. a tenant has been living for 5 years in a unit. He has not paid for many months now so a substantial amount of rent owed is accumulated. how do i add this in the software? (i.e. Rent now is 700 and they owe already 20000. So any amount paid is first for older oblications)

3. A company is renting a unit for lets say $100. Dew to an agreement they pay on my behalf a special tax which is $10. Although the rent is $100 I receive $90 and I must show the $10 as the special tax that they withheld from the rent to pay. How do I do this?

Thank You
(A Quicken fun since the 90s)

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