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Cloud Sync errors since R18.16 update

I just started getting errors for entries I had actually made on the desktop.  This only started happening after the update to R18.16 which my computer did on Saturday when I opened Quicken.  On desktop transactions I created since that update, or ones i adjusted including going back a couple years since that update all seem to generate this.  Since i did a bunch of reconciling this weekend, i have about 50 of these errors now, in three different accounts:

3x this type in two different accounts:
The desktop transaction in "Discover Platinum" on 04/09/2019 for $-30.60 was not synced. Illegal Operation: {0}


50+ of this type in two different accounts:
The desktop transaction in "Discover Platinum" on 04/04/2018 for $-28.89 was not synced.
An internal problem has occurred while processing your request [RequestID = null].  Please try after some time.

Neither have a repair suggestion and there is nothing wrong with the transactions.

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  • Liquid CourageLiquid Courage Member ✭✭
    Thanks UKR, I tried to use the link but it was how to delete cloud data sets.  I have only one cloud data set and the instruction link shows a line at the bottom "Cloud Accounts Associated with this Quicken ID" which doesn't even exist on that screen for me.

    However what you said about resetting I found in Preferences->Quicken ID, Sync & Alerts, under the word troubleshooting "Reset Your Cloud Data"

    I did that, and after a reaaaaaallly long resync since i have a 170MB database, the errors have gone away.

    SO, I believe you gave me the right advice although the wrong link, thanks!
  • UKRUKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Sorry about the bum advice. I've updated my notes and hope to give better advice in the future.
    I'm very glad to hear that you could solve your issue.
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