After "Successful" Update:Account Status Window > Details appears to show incorrect results.

QM 5.11.0  Mojave up to date.

After I update all accounts I get good "new transaction download" counts with institutions that I connect to with direct connect.

If the institution uses Quicken Connect

(I use two: Navy Federal Credit Union & Wells Fargo)

I get "1 new transaction downloaded" but no new transaction appears in the register. AND. there are no new transactions.


  • John_in_NCJohn_in_NC SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    That is expected behavior for Quicken Connect, and Quicken staff noted it was "working by design." (??)

    At least now the last download attempt date updates, but the # of transactions downloaded still remains stuck at the amount the last time transactions actually did get downloaded.
  • PutterFluttersPutterFlutters Member ✭✭
    (??) noted and understood.  Thanks.   Kinda brings the BlackBerry to mind....:-)
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