Printing Invoices ... missing "Printed" flag on Invoice entry view

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The new Quicken 2018 is working very well except for one feature that is no longer there and it is very irritating.

The old version before 2018 would tell you when an invoice has been printed.

After printing a customer invoice the word “PRINTED” in red would appear on the invoice in the register.

The new version does not have that feature and it is very frustrating going back through the registry to figure out which invoices have not been printed.

It should be a very simple programing fix to add that feature.

Can you please put this feature back into your program?

This problem has been presented before. 

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    Changed your post to an Idea so it can be voted on.
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    Still not resolved in Quicken 2020 R 23.14

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  • haney
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    Come on Quicken, get this problem fixed. It is very frustrating to take away such a simple enhancement.
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    AFAIK, there's another flag that's missing on Customer Invoices: "Emailed"
    Some Quicken customers may not print invoices but prefer to send them via email instead.
    While the programmers are working on restoring the "Printed" flag in the invoice data entry form, could they also be working on adding an "Emailed" flag?