I just downloaded the latest version of Quicken in Canada Now My TD bank account will not download

My TD bank accounts will not download into Quicken after I updated my software version of Quicken to the latest version in Ontario Canada. Error message says Quicken has trouble recognizing the download.   Is this going to be solved.  I use the web download from my TD bank site and have never had any problem with it for 10+ years

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  • Quicken Harold
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    Hello Banderson001. Appreciate your question.

    Are you getting any specific errors when trying to use the One Step Update? 

    Please let us know so that we can best help you.

    ~ Quicken Harold.
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    I don't use One Step update. I go to TD bank site and use web download with Quiken file type. It has worked perfectly for 10 plus years. With new software I just installed it doesn't download. A quicken message pops up saying it is having trouble with the file and I should try Open File. I can't find the file in my computer. Is TD Canada a recognized bank with the new software? Please suggest something. Don't ask me for more info. The bank download does not work. There must be a fix
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    "Please suggest something. Don't ask me for more info. The bank download does not work. There must be a fix"
    How would you suggest we help you?
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  • I'd like you to consult your feedback on this latest software version and collect any errors in downloads from bank accounts.  Particularly TD bank and provide a solution
  • NotACPA
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    When you initiate that Web Connect download, save it to your desktop and then let's inspect it.
    What's the full name of the file?  It's a Text type of file (with a QFX suffix) so open it with NotePad or WordPad and see it it looks reasonable.
    ALSO, what Q product are you running?  What Build/Release of Q?  You can do HELP, About Quicken for this last piece of info.
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  • Thanks. The new version of Quicken release R 16.22. Is set up to not recognize files with the extension .qfx. I found the download file from my bank in my computer and it loads into Quicken if clicked on. Clearly Quicken and TD bank need to make sure files with a .qfx extension are recognized. I have advised my bank
  • Yes this work around does work  Thanks. However it makes the product very hard to use and the TD bank still has Quicken listed as a supported download product. I have notified my Bank TD in Ontario Canada.  They have not agreed to fix it yet for the latest Quicken version  R16.22
  • MarcR
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    I have TD accounts that download flawlessly also in Ontario.  They are indeed .QFX files and I have had no issue for over 12 years except once... Browser updates, O.S. updates and anti virus issues could be the culprit.  I had to clear cookies in Firefox after one specific update that gave me download issues.  I've noticed other problems with cookies. For example, I could not access the TD Visa site anymore.  It worked fine in other browsers but no longer in Firefox.  Clearing the cookies for that site worked as well. I also do not use One Step Update for TD downloads. 
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