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Where to raise concerns about membership model?

I thought this community would be a good place to raise concerns about the membership model. I've been a paying quicken user for users (since 2006).  It seems posts to this forum on this topic get edited or closed. I've looked but I can't see the community guidelines that say concerns like this can't be raised.  For example the recent post by @rcd1

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  • Quicken_TykaQuicken_Tyka Moderator mod
    Hello Jameshfx,

    I apologize for any frustration or confusion that this has caused.

    The Community Guidelines can be found at: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7847546/quicken-community-guidelines

    Here is an excerpt on the moderation policies:

    Moderation Policies

    Our Moderators are here to answer questions, help organize the content, and make sure everyone is behaving appropriately in the community.

    Moderators have the right to edit, remove, or merge content as they deem fit to maintain the quality of content in the community.

    Moderators will be on the lookout for inappropriate, offensive, or off-topic posts. We reserve the right to remove any content for any reason we deem fit.

    Moderators will also be on the lookout for individuals who are not behaving appropriately in the community. Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to:

    • Posting the same topic or issue repeatedly
    • Attempting to sell items or services on the community
    • Impersonating another member or misrepresenting yourself
    • Trolling other community members
    • We reserve the right to terminate any membership temporarily or permanently as we see fit.
    The Community is mainly a user to user forum and other users can't really provide a solution to issues with the subscription. If a post is closed, please feel free to create a new post and ask a question.

    Subscription posts do tend to be closed rather quickly because the discussion runs it's course rather quickly and there are currently no plans to move away from the subscription model at this time. 

    The post in question has been removed because it was posted leading users of the website for competing products. 

    I have removed this link and content because this is a Quicken forum and post links that lead users of the Community website may be unsafe.

    I hope this clarifies things, if you have any further questions please let us know!

    -Quicken Tyka

  • Thank you for the explanation. 

    FWIW - I received yet another email from Quicken telling me my 2016 product will expire in 8 days.  It appears you plan to send me on every single day -- that's rediculous. I've already tried to unsubscribe to it. 

    I've marked the message as SPAM within gmail since it is unsolicited and I've tried to ask you to stop sending it through multiple channels.  
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