Has anyone had Kohl's download problems since their update last week?

Kohl's sent an email saying they were changing their "sign-in experience" on April 18, 2019, and Quicken hasn't been able to download from Kohl's ever since. I use Quicken Deluxe 2019 (up to date). I've gone through the usual steps, waiting a few days, deactivating and attempting unsuccessfully to reactivate. The Quicken download must be a complete afterthought for the people who create these new sign-on experiences. Any thoughts as to how I might get the Quicken One Step Update working on Kohl's?


  • Yes, Kohl's stopped working a few months ago.  All of my other account sync fine.
  • Quicken SarahQuicken Sarah Administrator, Moderator ✭✭✭✭
    Hello All,

    I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue downloading transactions from Kohls and thank you for taking the time to report this to the Community.

    When attempting to add/update accounts with Kohls do you receive an error message or code at all?  If so, what is the error being received?

    @Mike O'Brien when attempting to reactivate the accounts, do you go to the Online Settings > Set Up Now button?  

    Or the Tools menu > Add Accounts?  If you haven't, please go to Tools > Add Accounts and attempt to add the account once more, does it connect or do you still receive an error?

    Please let us know, thank you.

  • Sarah - After Kohl's recent update One Step Update failed for several days. I then deactivated the account and have been unable to reactivate it. I don't get an error message per se, just a screen (see below) saying my login is incorrect (which is inaccurate). Interestingly, Kohl's knows about my account because they ask me the security questions, and I have answered them correctly on numerous occasions. But after I answer the questions, I always get this same message. I use the same credentials to login to their site. Their customer service people (1-800-564-5740) have never heard of Quicken, although one supervisor had heard of Intuit (perhaps just a passing reference to those Eskimo people up in Alaska and Canada).   :)  Regards, Mike O'Brien

  • markus1957markus1957 SuperUser ✭✭✭✭
    CC-501 error starting today. Went to website and was prompted to have a code sent via email. Entered the code and logged on to website. Tried Quicken again using Update Now and was presented with the same error.

    Looks like the scripts team will have to intervene.
  • Apparently the right people at Kohl's finally got involved and fixed this as I was able to reactivate the Kohl's download this morning (5/1/19) for the first time in almost two weeks. Actually, in order to reactivate Quicken download, they twice asked me for a security code, and on the second attempt, the reactivation process worked, and transactions downloaded. When I also signed into the Kohl's site itself, I was also asked to input a security code, which also worked. So this problem is now apparently resolved for me.
  • Quicken SarahQuicken Sarah Administrator, Moderator ✭✭✭✭
    Hi Mike O'Brien,

    I'm glad to hear that the Kohl's account reactivated and downloaded new transactions successfully and thank you for posting back with the updated information.

    @markus1957 - are you still receiving a CC-501 error? Either through the One Step Update or Update Now?

  • markus1957markus1957 SuperUser ✭✭✭✭
    Using Update Now I was prompted with a pop-up window to receive and then enter a verification code. It worked and Kohls updated.
  • markus1957markus1957 SuperUser ✭✭✭✭
    Second day in a row I have been asked to go thru MFA; code via email and enter code. It was successful but with OSU continuing in the background, there was a real struggle for keyboard control that required checking the actual characters entered because some were being ignored while OSU continued and grabbed the screen focus away from keyboard input.
  • markus1957 - Something similar happened to me. I didn't watch the One Step Update and only afterwards noticed that Kohl's hadn't downloaded. I knew there weren't any transactions but decided to update the account anyway just to see what was happening. The account updated, but only after I had gotten the notice to obtain a security code, which I did successfully through email. This seems rather inconvenient for the Quicken download process (imagine if all your banks and credit cards did this for your OSU), and Kohl's does not do that for just signing into their own site. So I'm wondering if Quicken Sarah might pass this along to the Kohl's people so that it doesn't occur with every OSU. Regards, Mike O'Brien
  • SpotteddogSpotteddog Member
    I can't download Kohls either. Thought logging on to Kohls would help. Entered the 6 digit code they wanted. But Quicken still can't download.

    I too got the email about a new sign-in procedure some time ago. Haven't had any trouble until the last week or so.
    Maybe Quicken needs to look into this since everyone is getting the error. Seems nobody at Kohls has a clue what "Quicken" is.
  • Gone2MauiGone2Maui Member
    Kohls stopped updating last week.  Since then I have upgraded to Q 2019 and extended my license for 2 years.  I thought if I started with a clean data file and re-entered all of my accounts this problem would be resolved.  However, it will not let me add the Kohls account.  The error message says it isn't my fault, so I guess I'll just keep waiting for Q to fix it.
  • markus1957markus1957 SuperUser ✭✭✭✭
    OSU is working for me now but a verification code is required each time making it annoying and worthless.  The EWC server is not being recognized as a trusted computer.
  • markus1957 - I have successfully used One Step Update for a Kohl's download twice now without Kohl's requiring that Multifactor Authentication security code so perhaps Kohl's is adjusting their security to accommodate the Quicken download. I agree that the MFA request is quite inconvenient and annoying. Mike O'Brien 
  • SpotteddogSpotteddog Member
    After not working with Kohls for several days, OSU worked for me with Kohls one time. I had to enter all the verification data, though.
    Now it won't update again and gives the same error without the offer to enter verification.
  • miklkmiklk SuperUser ✭✭✭✭
    For me Kohls:

    Updates fine BUT requires to ALWAYS get the Multifactor Authentication security code.... It should be saved/stored somewhere??

    The web site asked once and then works without requiring it every time...
  • SpotteddogSpotteddog Member
    Still can't update kohls.

    After the one time update several days ago, I get the same error every time again.
    Did anyone find a fix? 
  • Kohl's is basically "fixed" for me (not sure why Spotteddog is still experiencing problems), but I still have two problems. First, Kohl's almost always requests the two factor authentication mid-download, which is quite inconvenient, especially when another bank is also requesting that you input an email or texted MFA code. The One Step Update becomes more like a Four Step Update. Second, unlike miklk's experience, I am also frequently getting an MFA request when I directly log into the website itself. The IT/security people at Kohl's seem to be dominating the customer service, sales-oriented people right now. It may be safer for them, but it really creates a disincentive for using the Kohl's card. Intuit might want to talk to banks like Kohl's about how much inconvenience this poses for their mutual customers.
  • One further observation on Kohl's requesting an MFA code - they seem to request it but not enforce it. When Kohl's sends me such a request, I have started to just "cancel" the request (one of the options), and the One Step Update Summary later says that the Kohl's account has successfully downloaded. Now, every time I've had this happen, I haven't actually had any transactions to download from Kohl's, but Quicken is saying the Kohl's account has downloaded but that there aren't any new transactions. So I don't know what would happen if Kohl's really did have some transactions to download. Maybe they would withhold them until I requested and entered their MFA code. Mike O'Brien
  • Kohls worked off and on a few times for me. Sometimes it asks for a code, other times it doesn't and just updates. But now I'm getting an error with Kohls again. 5/16
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