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I have Quicken 2017 on a computer running Windows 97 with Internet Explorer 11.  Since I purchased Quicken 2017 the browser window isn't wide enough to display any legible information and if I resize my Quicken window, the browser covers half my screen.  I've tried everything to turn the browser off, but I can't seem to find it.  If anyone knows how to shut the thing off, please let me know. 


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    Not sure what you mean by "the browser window".
    What's the title of that window? And, can  you take a snapshot of it and post if here?
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    @grandspumoni ,


    See this post:  https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7803899/add-your-quicken-information-to-your-posts-plus-how-you-are-connected-to-the-internet#latest

    Windows 97?

    Take a Full Screen PrtScrn Snapshot and upload in a reply, covering up numbers totals, using MSPaint.

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    Have no idea what you are talking about....
    the IE Browser has nothing to do with Quicken -
    And do you mean Windows 7 - NOT Win 97 - as IE 11 came with Win 7 -

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  • Sorry for the delay. Window 7 IE11 and screenshot.  Note quicken window on right.  I guess it's a help window but I don't need it and can't see content on left anyway.  Can it be shut off or minimized?

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    SO.... this really has nothing to do with the Windows "browser" -
    but just your viewing and formatting of the Quicken SCREEN -
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    Assuming you are referring to the what is displayed along the right, that is normally the To Do Bar that can be docked. See if this setting is what you are looking for.

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    @grandspumoni ,


    First off, Internet Explorer 11 is not a part of Quicken. It is part of Windows 7 Service Pack 1.

    Also you are showing Quicken Maximized, instead of a normal Quicken Window.

    You are also not showing Cents in the Account Bar, which makes it looking like it is cut off.

    Right-click on an empty space on the Account Bar to config.

    In your screenshot, it shows a number of Windows that are minimized or may be open, but you have  Internet Explorer showing on top of Quicken, pushed off to the side, thus you can't have access to close Internet Explorer.

    Restart Windows 7 and open Quicken first in a normal window, not Maximized.

    If maximized, click on Restore, then adjust the Quicken Window, with your Mouse.

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    As mentioned - you have a couple of issues ....
    #1 - You have opened the overall large full size and "maximized" QUICKEN SCREEN - as can be seen by the "Windows icons" in the upper right corner of ANY Windows screen.  The "double squares" indicates a "maximized" screen.
    Click on those and it will revert to the "single square" icon and the Quicken screen will reduce to a smaller version as shown above.  You can then close Quicken and work on the Windows Browser screen issue.
    #2 - The big red box on the right side is your WINDOWS BROWSER - having nothing to do with Quicken - that you have somehow opened and formed into a tall rectangle.  I have seen this happen with TurboTax and viewing their "updates". After you get a cleaner working screen area - just "pull" the left side of the Windows browser to widen it to a normal working width, and close it.
    Lastly - why do you have the Windows Task Bar - at the TOP of the screen vs bottom ?

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    Hey guys,
    are you forgetting that older Quicken versions (like @grandspumoni 's Q 2017) had both a To Do Bar and a Help Bar which would dock itself to the right side of the screen when the "To Do" or "Help" buttons at the lower right of the Quicken window were clicked?
    Both Bars should have a twisty, a small triangle like the Account Bar in its upper left corner which, when clicked, opens or closes the Bar. IIRC, in some versions of Quicken this triangle was not visible. There were some Community discussions about it.
    But you could nevertheless click on its space to open/close the Bar. Someone please try that.
    The only other way to close the Help Bar was with the View Menu / Dock Help Bar or Dock To Do Bar to "undock" it.
    In Q 2018+, the Help Bar has been removed and the buttons to access it are gone. Only the To Do Bar still exists. It now has a visible twisty (triangle). Looks to me like Q 2017 was never fixed to show a visible twisty.
  • Thank you UKR! I thought it was a help item, but when I closed the To Do Bar in the View it was gone.  I guess I need to update to Quicken 2019 so I am up-to-date with current fixes.

    Thank all who have responded to my question and especially UKR for the solution. 

  • Oh, sorry but I missed that GeoffG also had the solution.  Thanks again to GeoffG.
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