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Missing transactions, problems downloading, inaccurate balances

So far, this new Quicken has been a nightmare.
I had Quicken for Mac 2016.
Now I have 2019 due to download rules.
Am I the only one so dissatisfied with this product?


  • No.  I am also very dissatisfied.  I've had nothing but problems since installing it!  First it was issues with not being able to download transactions from my checking account, but all other accounts with that bank worked fine.  Then when I would try to reset up download transactions, it would act like it was working, but nothing downloaded.  This morning when I go into Quicken, again the checking account is not set up for downloading, then when I tried to reset it up, now my bank is missing from the list.  At this point, I'm only getting information from one account at my primary bank!  What a pain!

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