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Foreign security reporting how to get value of just certain foreign stocks

In Canada at tax time now we have two foreign holdings reports to file.

The first is income from all foreign holdings for the year.  I was able to get this done by going back to every transaction and adding the word "foreign" as a tag.  I then could run a report for all "Foreign" tags for "Last year" and get the totals needed. Unfortunately Q doesn't let you save the report to PDF and when I sent the .csv to my accountant he was unhappy.  So I moved the report by .csv to a spreadsheet, played with it a bit to make it look pretty and so got it done.  Quite a pain, but doable.

The second report the gov requires is a monthly value of the foreign holdings over the year.   The only report that I could find in QM that shows values (not transactions) is the Net Worth report. It allows you to select an account but the TAGs are greyed out. SO the best you can do is get the value of the whole account, not the foreign files you need.  This might sound like it's not a problem in the US funds account, but even there, there are several holdings that are Canadian but denominated in US funds which I cannot figure out how to omit from a report. And on the Canadian side there are several companies with a foreign HO that trade in CAN funds, like most of the Brookfield stocks  

Any ideas to get this done?


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