What's Happening in the Quicken Community - April 2019

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It’s been a busy month in the Quicken Community, we’ve grown to just over 9,000 Users, adding almost 2,000 new users in the last month alone.

Welcome to all those who are new, we're glad you are here and look forward to your joining in the conversation :)

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Community Stats for the Month of April, 2019

 1,572 New Discussion posts created with 5,775 comments posted by 1,749 Contributors

1,168 New Question posts created with 1,253 answers posted and 1,162 Accepted Answers



Current Releases

Quicken Companion Mobile App 5.13.0 release is now available. There are multiple fixes in this release, including the solution for being unable to scroll down the category list when viewing your Budget. 

Quicken Companion Web App 1.3.0 has been released and includes many fixes for balance and calculation discrepancies.

Quicken for Windows 2019 R18.16 was released (release notes and Mondo Patch available here)

Quicken for Mac 2019 v5.11.0 was released (release notes available here

Top Known Issues

Quicken for Mac – transaction categorization fails to categorize correctly or at all – work is in progress and a solution expected to be available soon.

Quicken for Windows – installing Quicken for Windows 2019 (current version) when upgrading from Quicken 2016 for Windows may fail and require a manual uninstall of the previous version using the QCleanUI process


New and Top-Rated FAQ Articles (FAQ’s are confirmed, verified answers to a variety of questions.  FAQ’s are mostly created by other Members of the Community with some contributions from Quicken Employees)

FAQ: How Quicken Connects with your Financial Institution - tips, tricks and best practices (NEW)

Quicken FAQ: Can I install Quicken on multiple computers?

Quicken FAQ: How do I move my Quicken files between computers? 

FAQ: Quicken Windows – red flag but no transactions to review 

Quicken FAQ: Help Guide and FAQs for Quicken Mobile 

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