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Billminder not showing upcoming bills

Upon start-up, Billminder is not showing upcoming bills.  I just switched to Quicken 2019 Deluxe from 2016 Premier.

Billminder was working correctly in the older version but has not since the upgrade.  I've created a new qw.rmd file in C:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Quicken\Data, but no change.

Any ideas how to get this feature to work again?

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  • Ken McAdamsKen McAdams Member ✭✭✭
    I have the exact same problem, and I also tried recreating the qw.rmd file. Hope someone has a solution.
  • rb-2rb-2 Member ✭✭
    Thank you for your reply.  
    I followed your instructions, but it did not work on my end.  In addition I've checked and unchecked every single one, closing and reopening billminder each time to no avail.  Something is not connecting.
  • rb-2rb-2 Member ✭✭
    Tried it again today, and it worked!  Thanks for the tip!
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