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Resize Planning Assumptions dialog box

The dialog box for changing/viewing planning assumptions needs to be resizable.  Can someone forward that to Quicken for incorporation into the next software update? Should be an easy change.
I realize that it has vertical and horizontal scroll bars but that doesn't quite cut it. Let the user decide how big to make the dialog box.
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  • RickQuickRickQuick Member ✭✭
    I don't understand why this is still not fixed? It was reported in 2018, it was reported in May 2019, and it's still not fixed? This module (My Retirement Plan) is basically unusable. While I can pull on the corners to resize the box, there are still columns of cut-off information within the box, no matter how I resize, and there aren't scroll bars to show it. Why should I have to click on Edit to see this information?
  • Rocket J SquirrelRocket J Squirrel SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2019
    I voted for this. The Planning Assumptions window is the worst of the worst, with a ton of content and no resize ability. Just look at the size of the vertical scroll bubble as an indicator of the amount of content in the pane.

    As for the "why", the code is dark and full of terrors. The Lifetime Planner is very old and changes to it are probably less trivial then one might think.
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