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Validated QDF file closes Quicken immediately while another QDF file works perfectly

Before May 10, Quicken was working perfectly. I would keep a regular QDF file open and enter transactions from time to time.

Shortly after May 11, presumably due to a background update, Quicken, with my regular QDF file open, closed suddenly. Restarting my computer and attempting to reopen that file caused Quicken to open momentarily, show some summary data, and then close immediately thereafter.

A similar but different QDF opens and stays open as expected. So, I don't think that there is a problem with the installation.

I have restored the culprit QDF file from its automatic backup, validated it and then tried opening it but the immediate closure problem persists.

Are there other tools for investigating the cause further?

If not, are there tools available that let me recover the transactions before May 10?

I'm running Year 2019 Version R16.22 Build 


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