Alt+Tab Switching (Still) Does Not Work in Windows -[edited]

I just upgraded to the latest Quicken 2019, and to my surprise (not really) it still can't properly handle ALT+TAB switching between Windows applications.  Users started pointing this out on these forums around 2013, I think, to no avail.  Does the QC team even monitor the community comments?  I ask because a quick search for "alt tab loses focus" returns over 100 pages of comments from frustrated users like me, and most of these threads are closed without any follow-up or action.

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  • Quicken SarahQuicken Sarah Administrator, Moderator ✭✭✭✭
    Hello @MVY

    I'm very happy to confirm that the "lost focus" issue is marked as "fixed" in the R19.34 release for Quicken for Windows US subscription product versions (2018/19)

    The R19.34 release is still currently in a "staged" release and has not gone live to all Users yet, if you have not received the 19.34 update and would prefer to not wait for the release to go live for all Users, it may be downloaded and installed from the Mondo Patch available at

    I hope this information is helpful and we appreciate your patience throughout this long-standing issue.

    Thank you,

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