Please update the budget functionality to match the way people manage their budgets

The budget functionality in Quicken is extremely poor and way behind what is out there in the market.  There is a reason why [removed] is so popular.  There are very few people who manage their personal budget by monthly cycles.  Most people budget based on their pay cycle.  For the majority of people, that is a bi-weekly paycheck.  So why doesn't quicken allow bi-weekly budget cycles?  Better yet, allow the creation of custom budget cycles.  This would accommodate everyone, such as when one person in a family is paid bi-weekly, and the other person is paid semi-monthly.  Or when both are on a bi-weekly pay schedule, but they are on opposite weeks.  Seems like this should be fairly simple to implement.

Another basic piece of functionality I would like to see in the budget section is the ability to do a "collapse all" on the groups and categories.  Quicken has this functionality in other screens

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