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Bill download problems

First off, during one-step update, I get "Important maintenance upgrade required for bills".  When I click "Go to Online Bills" as instructed, I see nothing out of the ordinary other than my bills are not automatically updating.

I also cannot seem to get an "Update all" command to work.  Making me have to go to each bill, and click the clock icon.  

This has been a problem for a long time.  Long enough that I think I have already gone to the extremes of unlinking my bills, and relinking.  With no success.

I am running Quicken Deluxe 2019, Version R18.16, Build on Windows 10 Pro, Version 1809, Build 17763.437.

I blame the apparent rush to push new features on a regular schedule.  But for financial software, I want old and reliable.  Not new and cool.

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