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I did not upgrade my Quicken 2016 and now I cannot access my data.  I should be able to continue to use program as it.  Why am I lock out?  Contact support, no help and said only way is to upgrade. 


  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hello JeniferC,

    Sorry, to hear that you are unable to access your data.

    What happens when you try to open Quicken? Do you receive an error message?

    When were you able to use Quicken?

    Let us know!
  • GeoffG
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    Unless you are using Starter Edition, which becomes read only (not locked out), there is no reason you cannot access Quicken. You need to specify exactly what you mean by lock out.
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  • I cannot even open the program.  It was doing update automatically when I open the program but it stop for some reason and now I cannot even open the program
    I chat with their help which is no use.  I need to open the program at least once to get my data out

  • I am using Quicken 2016 premium version

  • GeoffG
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    Can you explain what you mean by "doing update automatically"? Your version no longer supports downloads as of 4/30. Unless your installation has become corrupted, you still should be able to launch Quicken and access your data. If it is an installation issue, you can uninstall and reinstall Quicken. Then you should be able to access your data for manual updates.
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  • I know my version is no longer supported.  I don't know why the program started on its own to run update and that's when it crashed.  The program was purchased via online download and I do not have the disk.  I tried to contact support but they are not useful.  I spend the whole afternoon looking up the original zip file as I have changed computer several time.  Finally I found it and now have save several copy all over the place.  I don't want to upgrade as I have no interest in paying for annual subscription as I don't need all the extra.  
    Thanks for your help

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