Blank Category name causes issues with transaction download

This issue had me stymied for over a year on one account.  I have an Amex savings account that would NOT download transactions no matter how many times I would deactivate and reactivate the account, but there were only a few transactions a month so I lived with it.  Yet I have an Amex savings in my Mom's quicken file that downloads without issue, so I know it isn't a bank thing.

Then in the last few weeks, my main bank accounts stopped downloading transactions as well.  I deactivated and reactivated multiple times, to no avail.  

Investigating the log files, I saw the message "AddAccount failed due to missing Account Type" multiple times.  This error was not reported up through the UI, but just available in a log file.  Googling for the error I followed a few leads, and finally found an old thread here, and way near the end found the solution.

They implied that having a blank category name can cause an issue with downloads, for unknown reasons.

I used Tools -> Categories and sure enough, at the top was a BLANK category name.  I tried deleting but it was used in transactions, so renamed it to "WTF" and searched for it where used in reports.  They were all transactions in brokerage accounts (completely UNRELATED to the accounts having download issues).  I recategorized all of them to the correct categories and went back and deleted WTF.  

Then I went back to my problem accounts, deactivated and reactivated them, and now I am getting transactions downloaded.  This is an unbelievably nasty issue.

I hope having it laid out here helps someone else.


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