Is there a 2019 version of Quicken Home, Business, and Rental Property for PC?

I own the 2018 desktop version of Quicken Home, Business, and Rental Property for Windows.  I don't see a 2019 version with the same name.  I don't actually need the rental property features anymore, but I am concerned that if I upgrade to Home and Business 2019, it will not be able to import my 2018 Home, Business, and Rental Property data file.

What version of Quicken 2019 for Windows should I upgrade to, and will it be able to import my data file from 2018 Home Business, and Rental Property?


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    Please do HELP, About Quicken.  What is shown there as your product year, and Build?
    Because QW2018 SHOULD HAVE automatically updated itself to 2019 some time ago.
    And, within any product year, all versions of your Q data file are compatible with each other ... subject, of course, to the functions available in the specific new product.
    SO, downgrading to Deluxe or Premier will cause you to lose all of the H&B specific functions ... and your H&B specific accounts will become regular Q accounts.  But all of the data will come over.
    BEWARE, however, that Q Starter Edition only supports Checking, Savings and Credit Card accounts ... so downgrading to that will cause you to lose all data in other account types (such as Investments or Loans)
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    Under the subscription policy of Quicken since 2018, the year is meaningless.  It really only means when was the material printed.  Under the subscription, you are buying a license of some given length that if a renewal, it just extends the subscription.
    As long as your subscription is current and active, you will receive the updates to the Quicken program.
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  • In case you're interested, the "new" Quicken Home and Business version includes the same rental property manager as Quicken Home Business and Rental has. 
  • Thanks!  I checked the version and you are right that I was already upgraded automatically to version 2019, so I am set.
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